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Les ateliers de l'imagerie
25 mai 2024
Association Bouregreg Salé

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University Diploma in Strabology 2022-2023
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University Diploma in Ocular Imaging 2023-2024
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Why a Moroccan Ocular Imaging Society ?

Over the past two decades, ophthalmology has experienced significant technological developments that have particularly affected ocular explorations and imaging. The latter has been disrupted by several breakthrough innovations that have profoundly changed semiology, classifications, and patient care.

In this context, a regular knowledge update is not only a need but becomes a necessity. From this observation, the Moroccan Ocular Imaging Society (SMIO) was born to meet this increasingly pressing need.

‣ Regular updating of knowledge through organizing scientific events, practical workshops, webinars, and an annual congress.

‣ The organization of a University Diploma in ocular explorations and imaging.

‣ The integration of new technologies in a practice in line with the means and needs in public health in Morocco.

‣ The creation of a think tank on the use of telemedicine and artificial intelligence in ophthalmology in Morocco.

‣ The integration of new technologies in real-life activity and considering the means and needs of public health in Morocco.

‣ The sharing of knowledge and the transmission of expertise between Seniors and youth ophthalmologists.

‣ Favoring quality scientific research to publish in high-impact factor journals.

‣ The mobilization of resources for the development of the social component.

‣ The development of partnerships with other national and international learned societies.

The Moroccan Ocular Imaging Society is a learned society open to all Moroccan Ophthalmologists, hospital-university, public and private.

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The SMIO Founding Board


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